Angelica glauca health benefits and side effects (Choraka)

Angelica glauca is a glabrous herb that reaches heights of 1.5 – 2.5 meters. It has large bipinnate leaves. The white or greenish-white flowers occur in large compound umbels. They grow in the Himalayas at an altitude of 8,000-10,000 feet. They have rhizomatous roots. The active ingredients of the plant occur in the roots though the leaves also find use. Here, we will talk about Angelica glauca medicinal uses and side effects.

Angelica glauca medicinal uses, common names and side effects

Common name

The common name for this plant is Choraka or Chorak. The other common names are Masterwort, Holy Ghost plant, Archangel, and St. Michael’s Plant.

Botanical name or family of Angelica glauca

The botanical name of this plant is Angelica glauca. It belongs to the Apiaceae family.

Geological places where it grows

Native to the temperate and subarctic regions, you find Chorak growing as far north as Iceland and Greenland. It grows well in the Himalayan regions. In India, you will see it in Kashmir, Sikkim, and Chamba.

Angelica glauca medicinal uses for curing diseases

You have a variety of medicinal preparations that use Chorak as one of the ingredients. Here is a look at the variety of uses of this plant.

Use as a drug to cause abortion: You use this to induce abortion. They make a strong preparation of using the roots of Chorak and use it to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This is one of the best angelica glauca medicinal uses.

Good use as antibacterial: Angelica glauca shows good action against bacteria. You can crush the roots and soak them in water. Use this water to wash your wounds and blisters.

Help for the heart: It has a cardio-protective nature. They make preparations out of the roots of the Chorak to improve the health of the heart.

Carminative property: Angelica glauca prevents the formation of gas in the stomach and intestines. It helps get rid of flatulence. Powder the root and mix it with milk. Have this daily until you get relief from your complaint. This is one of the best angelica glauca medicinal uses.

Angelica glauca flowers, root and leaves

Use as a cholagogue: It helps remove the bile from the system by eliminating it downward. This helps enhance the digestive system. If you have excessive bile, you can add the decoction of the leaves to your daily meal. This will remove the excess bile and make your appetite good again.

Good expectorant: Chorak helps promotes the secretion of sputum from the air passages. So, it finds a use for treating coughs and colds. You can use it for all kinds of respiratory problems. Boil some leaves with pepper and ginger. Cool this and filter. Have this in the morning daily to get relief from your respiratory problems. This is one of the effective angelica glauca medicinal uses.

Diaphoretic nature: It promotes sweating. So, the Angelica glauca finds a use for treating a variety of conditions. Make a decoction with the roots and have it early in the morning.

Has emmenagogue property: You can use the Chorak to stimulate or increase menstrual flow. They give this to women having problems with their menstrual cycle. Prepare a tea with the dried and powdered roots and have it.

Phototoxic nature: When exposed to the sun, the application of this herb causes skin irritation.

Use to provide body warmth: Chorak is a warming herb. Add some of the crushed roots of the Chorak to the morning tea, and you will have a warm feeling all over the body.

Improve circulation: It helps to widen the blood vessels and improve the flow of blood. You can get relief from muscle cramps and pains by having the tea made from the roots of Chorak.

Good for the digestive system: Angelica glauca improves the digestion. The person develops a good appetite and a healthy metabolism. Sprinkle some powdered roots on the dishes you eat daily. This is one of the time tested angelica glauca medicinal uses.

Improve arousal: By stimulating the blood circulation in the pelvic region, it helps improve the arousal.

Heating nature:  Due to its heating nature, it finds a use for expelling the placenta after childbirth.

Ease the pain: You can get good relief from the pain one has during menstrual periods. It will relieve the cramps and give relief to the person. The presence of phytoestrogens helps relieve hot flushes in women.

A cure for epilepsy: You can use the preparation of the roots of Angelica glauca for curing epilepsy.

Good for asthma: People suffering from asthma can get relief by using the Chorak. They dry and powder the roots. Make a tea using this powder and have it daily in the morning.

Relief from hiccups: Make a tea from the angelica glauca and have it to cure the problem of hiccups.

Fever: The Chorak has anti-pyretic properties so you can use it when you have fevers.

Itching: You get relief from itching by applying the paste of the roots to all the affected parts of the skin.

Skin disease: If you have some skin disease, make the paste of the Angelica glauca and apply this daily in the morning after your bath. This will help to cure the skin ailment.

Help for insanity: For those people suffering from insanity, they give the decoction made from the dried and powdered roots. Over time, this will help the patient recover.

Application for the wound: The best way to treat cuts and bruises in the skin is by using the preparation of Angelica glauca. Apply the paste to the skin surface, and you will get fast relief.

Blood impurities: The action of the herb in cleaning and purifying the blood finds use to improve the health of the people. Have a pinch of the powder daily to get the best benefit.

Diseases due to poison: For those affected by poison, the use of Angelica glauca will help. Have some decoction in the form of a tea and you will recover from the disease.

Relief for a headache: You can cure small headaches by having the tea made with the dried roots of the Chorak.

Rhinitis: For problems such as rhinitis, have the powdered root daily with your meal. Soon, you will get relief from the problem.

Diseases of children: You can cure a host of diseases that affect children by using the Chorak. Make sure to give them the dried root in the form of a drink or mix it with their food. This will cure them of their disease.

Side effects of Chorak

It might cause dermatitis.

Angelica glauca medicinal uses are countless. Use as per your need and live healthy life.


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