22 ancient home remedies for health problems

There is often a solution or home remedy for every health problem near the elders of the house, which is a panacea treatment. There is a lot of common health problems like cold, cough, constipation etc. Today we will tell you about old proven home remedies for common health problems.

ancient home remedies for health problems

22 ancient home remedies for health problems

  1. Ear Pain – Grind the onion and filter it with a clean cloth to get the juice. After heated it, putting 4 drops in the ear ends the pain of the ear. Find best home remedies for ear pain.
  2. A Toothache – Mix turmeric and rock salt powder, with pure mustard oil. Use this mixture as a toothpaste every morning and evening. It will stop the pain of the tooth.
  3. Hole in teeth – Grind the camphor and rub it on the teeth using fingers. Clean the hole properly. Then pressing the camphor for some time under the hole, the pain of the teeth definitely ends.
  4. Children’s stomach worms – If there are worms in the stomach of small children then heat some onion juice in the morning and evening and give 1gm to your child. All the insects will die. Take juice of Nightshade (Dhatura) leaves and apply it on the anus. It will give relief from stomach worms.
  5. The Pain of Tumor – Grind the onion and heat it. Then add the cow-urine to it and make a small tuck. Now tie this tuck on a tumor with a cloth. It will cure pain and remove the tumor.
  6. Stomach earthworms and worms – Mix juice of one big spoon of beans and honey in the same quantity. Drink it at morning, midday and evening. All earthworms and insects will die out in 4-5 days.
  7. Vomiting and diarrhea in Small children – Heat the juice of pomegranate and give 1-1 teaspoon of this juice to your child in the morning, midday and evening. Vomiting will stop very soon.
  8. To remove constipation – Cut one big lemon and put it under the dew overnight. Next morning take 1 glass of sugar water and add some black salt to the syrup. Now squeeze the lemon in this water and consume. It will surely remove your constipation. Find the natural cure for constipation.
  9. Burning with fire – Grind some raw potatoes to get some juice. Then it becomes comfortable by applying the juice to the burnt spot. In addition, burn some tamarind bark and make its fine powder. Now mix that powder in the cow-butter and apply on the burnt spot. It will give you sure relief.
  10. A Pimple in ear – Cook 2 garlic cloves in mustard oil for some time. Now let it be cool. Pour 2 drops of this oil in the ear in the morning, afternoon and evening. It will settle a pimple and its pain.
  11. A Whooping cough – Fry the alum on the pan and grind it fine. After that, mix 3 grams of sugar in 3 grams of alum powder. Consume this mixture in the morning, afternoon and evening to cure this problem permanently.
  12. Burning Urination – Cut some fresh bitter gourd into small pieces and mess it well with hands in some water. Collect this bitter gourd water in a steel or glass container. Drink 50 grams of the same water 3 times (morning, afternoon and evening) a day. The rash and burning sensation of the urine will be cured.
  13. Boil – Grind some young neem leaves and cook it in the cow butter. Now bind it on the boil with a fabric. It has the capability to cure fierce, old and irritated boils.
  14. A Headache – Grind dry ginger to make a powder. Mix it with goat’s pure milk and smell many times. It is easy to relax in all kinds of headaches by repeatedly stretching the nose.
  15. Sugar in urine – Dry the blackberry kernels, grind to make a powder and filter it with fine cloth. Taking three times daily (morning, afternoon and evening) with fresh water, the sugar starts to stop with urination. In addition, drinking the juice of fresh bitter gourd regularly also benefits from the said disease.
  16. The weakness of the brain – Take few seeds of Mehndi (Henna). Grind it and mix with pure honey. Consuming this mixture 3 times daily (morning, afternoon and evening) eliminates the weakness of the brain and improves memory and also relaxes in a headache.
  17. Pain of pancreas – Take 3 gram camphor (Kapoor) and malaygiri sandalwood. Make a paste of both with rosewater and smell many times. It will give relief in.
  18. Bloody diarrhea – Take 2-gram blackberry kernels and grind with fresh water to make a paste. Now filter it and drink 1 glass of this water 4-5 days in the morning. It will stop bloody diarrhea. There should not be sugar or any other substance mixed with it.
  19. Cold – Heat 250 gram cow milk. Now grind 12 grain black pepper and 1 gram candy sugar (mishri). Mix both of these in the milk and drink it at night while sleeping. In 5 days the cold will be alright. Or boil 1 gram candy sugar (mishri) and 8 grain black pepper in fresh water to make a tea. Consume this tea and do not take bath for 5 days. Find natural remedies for cold.
  20. Indigestion – Put small pieces of ginger in lemon juice for some time. Now take these pieces out of lemon juice and sprinkle a little rock salt. Store these pieces in a glass vessel. Consume 5-7 pieces of ginger with regular food. Indigestion will be removed.
  21. Abdominal disorder – Take some Celery, Black pepper and rock salt. Make the powder by mixing these three in one. These three should be in equal proportion. By consuming this powder regularly with the hot water during the night at bedtime (2 gram) all types of abdominal diseases are removed.
  22. Elimination of obesity – Mix juice of 1 lemon in 1 glass of water. Consuming this every morning with an empty stomach will remove obesity. It should be continued for 3 months. During the summer and rainy days, this experiment is especially beneficial. Find best ways to loss weight in 2 weeks.

Follow these ancient Indian home remedies for health problems and stay fit & healthy.

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