13 Amazing Health Benefits of Ghee (Clarified Butter)

In Ayurveda, ghee is a satvic food. These foods promote an expansion of the consciousness, growth, and positivity. Negative emotions get stored in fats. Using ghee to replace the fat will help you avoid the negative doshas and cultivate positive aspects. Other than this, ghee has many nutrients and provides us with the ability to fight many diseases.

Health Benefits of Ghee

General plus points of using ghee

Great for cooking

While cooking many cooking oils break down into free radicals. These free radicals prove dangerous to our health. Unlike these cooking oil, ghee does not break down when heated. The smoke point of the ghee is high (250 degrees centigrade). It retains its structure and thereby becomes an invaluable aid for cooking. In addition, it provides a refreshing nutty flavor to the food.

Need not to refrigerate

Ghee mixtures will last for a hundred years without spoiling. So, there is no need to refrigerate them.

Health benefits of Ghee

Beneficial for the bones

Due to the high Vitamin K, especially Vitamin K2 content, consumption of ghee is beneficial for the bones. The action of Vitamin K2 is to help the body utilize minerals. So, it assists in the utilization of calcium to build bones. It builds bones better than calcium. Vitamin K can take part in the metabolism of the bones because Vitamin K effects the calcium balance in a positive way.

Helps fight cancer

Ghee has one of the highest natural content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). But, the milk must be got from grass-fed cows alone. CLA has links improved symptoms for insulin resistance and improving the chances for fighting cancer. So far, the studies were only conducted in animals. Their effect on humans needed to be studied.

Boosts the immune system

The presence of butyric acid helps improve the production of T-cells, a key component in the immune system. The antioxidant property 0f ghee is due to the presence of Vitamin A the helps fight the free radicals. All the through the body the oxidative stress is reduced by the presence of Vitamin A. If this is not done, the immune system will become weak. Vitamin A further fights the formation of cancers especially ulcerative colitis that leads to colon cancer.

Increases the energy levels

Ghee is got from a holy animal, the cow. The energies are therefore on a spiritual level. Lighting a holy diya having ghee is said to increase the energy levels of the place. That is why, they light the diyas when they say the prayers.

Enhances the digestive tract

Being high in butyrate, this delectable cooking ingredient is invaluable for your digestive health. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid linked to the immune response. It helps to decrease the inflammation and thereby enhances the digestive system. The butyric acid production is absent in people with unhealthy digestive systems.

Ghee calms the pitta and vata

People with the vata-pitta body type will benefit by adding ghee to their food. When the pitta is balanced, the digestive fire is quenched usually. But, in the case of ghee, this does not happen. Ghee strengthens the digestive power while balancing the pitta.

Improve daily sex

People who have sex daily will benefit from adding clarified butter to their dishes. This is because ghee improves the male-female reproductive system. In addition, it provides many nourishing health benefits.

Good for the eyes and Skin health

Ghee has considerable amounts of Vitamin A that is good for the eye health. This vitamin helps prevent the onset of several eye disorders and infections. People use it extensively to reduce the inflammation on their skins. When their skin is bruised or they are wounded, they apply some ghee on the skin. This brings the inflammation down. So, instead of cooking with the ghee, you can use it as a balm for healing.

Weight and energy management device

Ghee consists of short-chain fatty acids that the body absorbs directly into the liver and stores it there. When the body needs energy, it takes it directly from the liver. This is one of the tricks athletes use to increase their athletic output. The short chain fatty acids help to burn other fats and thereby control weight.

Another use of this is that you can lose weight if you manage the energy intake through ghee. By using ghee, you can limit the amount of excessive energy that your body stores as fats. Thus, adding ghee to the daily food can decrease your body weight if you use it for a long time.

Has oil soluble vitamins and Stimulates the appetite

Ghee has a rich content of oil-soluble vitamins – Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. One tablespoon of ghee will give you about 15% of your daily requirements of these vitamins.

When you add ghee to the food, it stimulates the secretion of the gastric juices. By increasing the appetite, the health of the person improves.

Anti-inflammatory property

Ghee has butyric acid that has the nature to enhance inflammation fighting properties. This short-chain fatty acid is therefore beneficial. Since butyric acid can reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, people suffering from Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis should include ghee in their daily menu. Even merely rubbing ghee on the stiff joints will help reduce the swelling and pain. The arthritic stiffness will vanish overnight. In Ayurveda, practitioners have used ghee for centuries to treat inflammation. When you use it properly, ghee can help cleanse the body of all toxins.

Some more important aspects of ghee

Positive emotion of ghee: The cows attract and store thousands of spiritual energies from around them. This combination of the energy is got from the milk. Therefore, the ghee has a component of this energy which is a positive one.

Does not have milk solids: Casein is the milk protein that provokes an allergic reaction in those who are sensitive to milk products. Since ghee does not have any milk solids, the people who are sensitive will not be affected.

Fry your spices in ghee before adding them to your dishes. Ghee helps transport nutrients to different parts of the body. Ayurveda always uses ghee in its preparations because of health benefits of Ghee.



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