Effective home remedies for acid reflux in babies

Acid reflux in babies is one of the common problems faced by infants. In this post, we will talk about natural remedies for acid reflux in babies.

Acid reflux in babies natural remedies

It happens since the esophagus of the child is not developed completely and perhaps for the more sleeping posture, the chances of spitting up become more.

Further, this leads to the child being cranky, irritated, and also lowers his appetite. In some severe cases, vomiting or blood in the stool can also be observed, which is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease gerd that needs an immediate concerning with the doctor. Learn how to treat acid reflux in infants.

But, in general, acid reflux is quite normal which keeps on decreasing as the child starts growing up.

For treating infants, one of the best ways is to use baby reflux remedies. Though medicines can be provided if and when necessary required, yet natural ways can actually help get rid of reflux in babies and also ensure that the immune system of the baby gets healthier.

Natural remedies for acid reflux in babies for immediate relief

Here are some tried and tested home remedies for acid reflux in infants, which are sure to give your child relief from the problem of acid reflux.

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1. Bring changes in the sleeping and eating posture of the infant

best sleeping posture of the infant to avoid reflux

Believe it or not, a simple gesture like changing the sleeping style can have huge effects on the acid reflux. Keep the head of the infant elevated at 30 degrees to ensure that gravity is doing its work and chance of reverse movement is hindered.

Further, also during feeding time, keep the infant in an upright position. One more precaution to be taken is to keep the infant in an upright position at least for about thirty minutes after a meal. This is to ensure the burping process. 

Tip: Help baby sleep on their left side.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar for infant reflux

The natural form of vinegar is a good anecdote for the acid reflux. It works by balancing the stomach acid level thereby increasing the immunity levels of the body. Even for infants, it can be used two to three times in a day for easing out acid reflux.

  1. Add about one-fourth teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to lukewarm water. Ensure water is lukewarm and not hot. Feed two tablespoons of this mixture at least two to three times in a day. (Apple cider vinegar benefits)
  2. For infants who are above 1.5 years of age, you can also add honey for taste.

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3. Chamomile as acid reflux medicine

Chamomile has antispasmodic properties, which aid in relieving colic pain and hence providing relief from acid reflux. Not just the baby, even mothers can have the herbal tea prepared from chamomile for a healthy digestive system.

  1. Take a cup of water and boil it completely. Add about a half teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers.
  2. Keep it for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Strain the water and keep it aside for cooling.
  4. Give this herbal tea to kids at least two times in a day for effective results.

4. Use Massage therapy for acid reflux cure

Another effective way for acid reflux cure without using medication is to massage the infant regularly. By massaging, a signal is sent to the vagus nerve in the brain which is in charge of controlling the entire digestive as well as the respiratory action of the body. All the more, an effective massage can also be instrumental in easing out pain from acid reflux.

  1. Put the baby in sleeping position.
  2. Take coconut or olive oil and gently massage the abdomen of the baby for about 5 minutes. For better results, one can also use a combination of coconut and ginger oil.
  3. Then turn the baby and massage his back for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. The last step would be to massage the hands and legs of the baby with heavy strokes.

Precaution: Be careful not to massage the infant immediately after feeding.

5. Coconut Oil for silent acid reflux in babies

Coconut oil is a great natural ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to ease out the discomfort caused by silent acid reflux in babies.

In addition, it also consists of lauric acid, which helps in protecting the immune system of the newborn and the infant. Coconut oil when mixed with food helps in greasing the digestive system triggering it to perform better.

  1. Whenever feeding a baby with cereal or any other baby food, add prior to feeding about half to one teaspoon of coconut oil. Try out the extra virgin version of coconut for better results.

6. Eating healthy to prevent acid reflux symptoms in toddlers

Infants are generally on baby food or the blended version of foods that we prepare. A good way to keep the acid reflux symptoms in toddlers at bay is to enhance the healthy diet for your kids.

Try out fruits like banana or papaya with vegetables like cabbage and carrots. A good way to prepare the food is to boil the vegetables and fruits, and then mash them completely so that it can be easily swallowed by the infants. With a healthy diet, chances of acid reflux become weaker.

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7. Regular Exercise

Exercise for infants

Even for infants, a very good natural way of getting rid of acid reflux in babies and also a measure for preventing it is to exercise.

Exercising a baby is sort of training to the baby making his body movements, which otherwise is null. Generally, in adults, by walking or strolling, one can get relief from acid reflux, but, in case of infants, it is not possible.

Hence, it is imperative to get them used to exercise. For exercising use the following tips:

  • Gently place the baby in sleeping position.
  • Take one of his legs and keep it in half bent position.
  • Gently move it in a way as if the infant is cycling.
  • Do it for both the legs.
  • Keep the movement for about 10 minutes.
  • Do this exercise at least once in a day.

Precaution: Do not exercise the baby just after feeding.


These natural measures can easily help to get relief from acid reflux in babies. Just use them carefully and ensure that precautionary measures are followed. Also exercising and massaging the baby should not be done just after feeding them. Always burp your baby when feeding time is over.

With a regular approach, one can easily help the baby to come out of reflux in babies. So, keep it natural and say bye-bye to acid reflux in infants.




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