Abrus pulchellus medicinal uses, benefits and information (Crab’s eye)

Abrus pulchellus or Crab’s eye plant is a twining herb glabrous. The leaves are opposite, paripinnate in 11 pairs. They are 3 cm long and 1 cm broad. Flowers occur on long axillary raceme in short tubercles. Petals are 1 cm long, mauve, and standard obovate.

Abrus pulchellus medicinal uses, benefits and information (Crab's eye)

The flowering and fruiting occurs in October-March period. This is a dicot climber- a flowering, climbing plant. The plant has a rectangular stout and seeds are scarlet with black spots. The root is woody and has lots of branches.

Common name

It has the common name Showy Rosary Pea. Its other names are Rati and Gunja. In English, they call it Crab’s Eye. Another name for this plant is Abrus precatorius.

Botanical name and family of Crab’s eye

The botanical name is Abrus pulchellus. It belongs to the Fabaceae family.

Geological places where Abrus pulchellus grows

You find it in moist, deciduous forests. It grows in India, Malaysia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. You also find it in West Indies, southern parts of America, and Hawaii.

In India, it grows in the Western Ghats in the districts of Pathanamthitta, Idukki, Kasargod, Wayanad, Malapuram, Kozhikode, and Kottayam.

Abrus pulchellus medicinal uses

It is famous because it found its use to weigh the famous Kohinoor diamond. This seed finds use in weighing jewelry because of its consistent weight. We make most of the medicines from the seeds.

The roots of the plant have good amounts of quinines and sotlavanoids. The seeds have nitrogen compounds and alkaloids. It also has anthocyanins and flavonoids with most of it present in the seeds.

Rosary beads plant seeds, flower and leaves

  • Aphrodisiac property: It has strong aphrodisiac nature. It helps augment the sexual stamina. If you have low sperm count or suffer from any sexual dysfunction, you can use this herb to cure it.
  • Useful as an emetic: Strong preparations of the seeds of the herb in controlled doses are useful as an emetic.
  • Purgative properties: It works as a laxative and helps improve the bowel movement.
  • Helps treat arthritis: You can get relief from the pain due to arthritis. It will relieve the swelling. You can apply the paste of the herb to the bones of the joints to get relief.
  • Good for curing asthma: The preparation of the seeds of the plant helps remove all congestion in the chest. It clears the airways and opens up the nasal passage by expelling the phlegm. Have a glass of the decoction early in the morning if you want relief from colds and coughs.
  • Drink the water of the leaves: The water prepared from the leaves of the herb helps to boost the health and prevent diseases. It helps to keep you free from infections.
  • Cure for hair fall: Applying the paste to the scalp will strengthen it. Use the mixture on the hair before your bath, and you will soon be free from hair fall.
  • Heal cuts and bruises: You can apply the paste to the superficial cuts and bruises. This helps them heal fast. It has antiseptic properties that prevent infections from happening.
  • Improve the eyesight: The Rosary pea helps improve the eyesight. It helps cure eye diseases. Be careful about long -term use of Rosary pea as it may cause some side effects.
  • Good for skin and hair: It improves the texture of the skin and has a good, enhancing effect on the health of the hair. Apply the powder of Abrusprecatorius with oil to the head to remove dandruff.
  • Helps improve digestion: The herb has strong vata and kapha pacifying property. It helps you regulate the digestive system and cure any indigestion or irregularities of the digestive system.
  • Good for treating toxins: When you take gunja in carefully regulated doses, it acts as an anti-toxin. But, make sure that you use a purified sample only.
  • Effective against gonorrhea : You can treat several types of infections such as gonorrhea with the preparation made from the seeds of the Crab’s eye. Apply it on the skin and have the decoction in the morning for a month.
  • Cure bilharzia: Another name for this snail fever. It is caused by parasitic flatworms, and it infects the intestines and the urinary tract. Symptoms are bloody stool and diarrhea. Take the preparation of the Crab’s eye twice a day for a week to get relief.
  • Provide relief for acute ulcer: It repairs the lining of the stomach and helps improve the condition of the bowel. Have the juice of the herb twice a day if you have ulcers. Take medicine only as per the instruction of the doctor, overdosing might lead to unwanted complications.
  • Helps regulate menstrual cycles: Abrus pulchellus is useful for women to regulate their menstrual cycle. Having the preparation of the herb will help strengthen their menstrual system and remove any problems.
  • They must have the juice of the herb with milk as per the instruction of the physician twice a day for two weeks. Then, they will have full relief from their problem.
  • Immunomodulatory response: The herb increases the immune response at the cellular and humoral levels. That is why the herb is used as a health tonic. It has general health enhancing nature.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property: Due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic nature, they are used medicinally to cure a variety of infections and diseases. Also, they are insecticidal and antibacterial, so you can use them to get rid of plenty of bacterial infections.
  • You can cure major skin diseases with the use of the powder of the Abrus pulchellus plant. The powder is made from the roots and the seeds of the plant.
  • Relieve problems of frozen shoulder: This occurs in the sleeve that supports the shoulder. You have pain and stiffness when this happens. You can relieve the symptoms by having the decoction of the herb every morning and evening.
  • Relief from dental caries: Use a paste made from the Abruspulchellus to get full relief from dental caries.


Abrus pulchellus medicinal uses are unlimited but becareful not to overdose on the medicine since this will lead to vomiting along with purgation. Only the Crab’s eye that has undergone proper purification must be used as medicine.

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