Abies webbiana medicinal uses, benefits and images

The strong branches of Abies webbiana evergreen tree spread horizontally. The talisapatra can grow up to 60 metres in height. The shoots are covered with small, brown hair. The leaves are single thin and flat. They are spirally arranged on small branches. They are 3-8 cm long and 2 mm wide. There is a midriff in the upper surface, and the seeds of the plant are the winged type. The grayish, brown petiole is very short. The flowers are monoecious, but you find both male and female flowers on the same plant.

Abies webbiana tree medicinal uses

Common name

The common name for this is the Indian Silver Fir. It also goes by the name of talisapatra.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name for this plant is Abies webbiana. It belongs to the Pinaceae family.

Geological places where Abies webbiana grows

Native to the northern temperate regions such as the Himalayas, the Indian Silver Fir grows from 2,800 to 10,000 feet.

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Abies webbiana Medicinal uses

The medicinal nature of the Abies webbiana plant is due to the presence of phytochemicals. It has bioflavanoid, abiestin, beta-sitosterol, and the glucosides, methylbetuloside, and betuloside. It also has steroids, saponins, amino acids, alkaloids, and more. The plant extracts have a balancing effect on the vata and kapha.

Febrifuge: You can use the juice and powder of the Indian Silver Fir to reduce fevers. Have the infusion of the leaves in water every morning, and the fever will soon subside.

Aromatic: The smell of the leaves and parts of the plant is pleasant. You can use it to help alleviate the stress. Apply the infusion of the leaves on your skin and get the benefit immediately through lowering of stress and as relief from headaches.

Anti-catarrhal: It removes the excess mucous present within the person. Have the tea of the leaves daily in the morning to have good relief from the problem caused by excess mucus.

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Sedative effect: The plant extract acts as a depressant for the central nervous system of the body. This sedative quality helps treat insomnia and anxiety. One of the most common depressants is alcohol.

Indian Silver Fir fruits and leaves

Antitussive: You can use the Indian Silver Fir to prevent and give relief from a cough. Drink the decoction of the leaves of the plant daily until you see a relief from the symptoms.

Antibacterial: An antibacterial is a type of antibiotic that attacks bacteria and inhibits their growth. Abies webbiana exhibits antibacterial nature, and thus finds a use for treating cuts and wounds.

Antispasmodic: You can use it to relieve spasm of involuntary muscle. This helps prevent spasms in the tubular organs such as the intestines and the stomach. This will improve your digestive health and prevent the incidence of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome. You need to add the paste to the diet you cook. This is the most effective form of having the Abies webbiana for controlling spasms.

Antifungal: It inhibits the growth of fungus. Have the paste of the leaves ready all the time. If you suspect a fungal attack, apply this paste on the region where you have the attack. It will immediately put the infection down and keep your body healthy.

Female anti-fertility: Marked female anti-fertility activity is noticed in the Abies webbiana plant in a study conducted in female rats. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid consuming parts of this plant in any form while trying to conceive.

Anti-rheumatic: The plant extract shows the good Anti-rheumatic property. It is used as an infusion for alleviating or preventing rheumatism. Drink the decoction of the leaves in water every morning to get good relief.

Mast cell stabilizing: You can prevent certain types of allergic disorders by the use of substances that exhibit mast cell stabilizing property. One example is their use in inhalers for relieving the symptoms of asthma.

Antiseptic: This is a common use as it inhibits the growth of infectious agents. Use the infusion to wash and treat injuries and superficial wounds.

Appetizer: The most wonderful thing about this plant is that it improves the appetite. Mix the powder of the leaves in boiling water and have it half an hour before your meals.

Aphrodisiac: People use it to stimulate sexual desire. Have the infusion before going to bed, and your sex life will become enhanced.

Anti–inflammatory: The Indian Silver Fir can reduce inflammation which makes it good for people suffering from bone disease disorders. Mix the powder of the leaves and roots in water and apply the paste over the joints. This will reduce the inflammation and give relief from the pain.

Carminative: Having a little Abies webbiana juice every day will help prevent the formation and help the expulsion of flatulence.

Decongestant: The action of the Indian Silver Fir helps to relieve nasal congestion. Take the powder of the leaves and mix it in boiling water. Have this twice a day to get fast relief from colds and congestion problems.

Expectorant: You can use the Abies webbiana extract to promote the secretion of sputum present in the air passages. It helps relieve coughs.

Blood purifier: It has a purifying action on blood. It helps remove toxins from the body system.

Bronchodilator: The Mucolytic property helps the Abies webbiana to make the mucus thin and remove it from the air passages. It widens the passage of the airways by widening the air passages.

Respiratory tonic: It helps augment the respiratory system. Mix two spoons of the powder of the leaves of the Indian Silver Fir in boiling water. Stir it and filter it. Have it daily in the morning, and you will definitely feel better within a week.

Antiviral: The plant shows good antiviral properties. You can use it to treat a variety of viral infections.

Astringent: It shows mild astringent properties. You can use the infusion of the leaves to get better and tighter skin. This makes your skin more youthful and fresh.

Since the Abies webbiana has contraceptive and thermogenic properties, one must be careful not to use it when pregnant. It also worsens ulcer conditions. Overuse might result in vertigo and heartburn. It might cause mouth ulcer with prolonged use.


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