Abies spectabilis medicinal uses, benefits and side effects (East Himalayan Fir)

Abies spectabilis is a large East Himalayan fir that grows up to 50 meters in height. It grows well in the colder northern slopes between the heights of 3000 – 4000 meters. On the south facing slopes, you see more of grass and shrubs. It has rough, scaly bark with yellowish brown, gray, brown, or reddish brown branch-lets. Leaves are ascending on upper side of branchlet, pectinately arranged in two lateral sets, in two white bands ab-axially.

Abies spectabilis tree medicinal uses

Common name

The common name for this plant is Span. The English name is East Himalayan Fir and Himalayan Silver Fir.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name is Abies spectabilis or Abies Webbiana and belongs to Pinaceae family.

Geological places where Abies spectabilis grows

It grows natively in China, northern India, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Pakistan.

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Abies spectabilis Medicinal uses

Bronchodilator: The infusion of the leaf of the Abies spectabilis helps open the airways in the lungs and throat. It removes the mucus and makes the person free from any blockages. You can have the infusion twice a day to increase the effect. It is a good Mucolytic that you should use when you have problems such as a cough or a cold.

Abdominal diseases: You can treat a variety of abdominal complaints using Abies spectabilis leaves. Pound the leaves and heat it with half a liter of water. Wait until the water has reduced to one cup. Strain the mix and drink it daily. This will help you recover from your ailment. This is due to the antibacterial and antiviral nature of this plant.

Expectorant (mild): Expectorants find use in loosening the mucus in the lungs and coughing them up. This is only for mucus and not for irritation due to smoking or other allergies. You cannot treat long-term diseases like chronic bronchitis. The work of the expectorant is to make the mucus thin so that you can easily dislodge it.

Respiratory tonic: You can encourage healthy lung oxygenation by using the infusion of the leaves of the Himalayan Silver Fir daily in the morning. You will get improved respiratory strength by using the infusion regularly.

Anti-inflammatory (on lungs and airways): The special ability of the Abies spectabilis to reduce inflammation especially in the airways and lungs and helps improve the free breathing and good oxygenation. You can use the Himalayan Silver Fir often without any fear of side effects.

Himalayan Silver Fir fruits and leaves

Antitussive: People who have an allergy to specific substance have bouts of coughing which disrupts their normal lifestyle. This might occur when the season changes and there is pollen in the air. You can get relief from a cough by taking an infusion of Abies spectabilis.

Antiviral: Himalayan Silver Fir has antiviral properties that make it ideal for use for several ailments ranging from a common cough and cold to the more dangerous HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. By having the Abies spectabilis infusion, you can weaken the intensity of the virus and get a faster recovery.

Antibacterial: Any substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria or kills the bacteria is an antibacterial. This property of the Himalayan Silver Fir helps it to treat cuts and wounds. You can also use it when you have pneumonia, cholera, diphtheria, or any such similar ailments. Even food poisoning is a type of bacterial action.

Antimicrobial: This agent is helpful for killing or inhibiting the growth of the microbial organisms. This includes all the bacteria, virus, and more. So, you can use the East Himalayan Fir as a hand wash since they have antimicrobial nature.

Antispasmodic: The main work for an antispasmodic is to deal with smooth muscle spasms. The action of the antispasmodic is to relax the smooth muscle so that there is no spasm. The Abies spectabilis has fame for its ability to relax the smooth muscles and thus, prevent any spasms.

Anxiolytic: There are many medical conditions that can cause anxiety. The Abies spectabilis can prevent the anxiety or at least decrease the anxiety to manageable levels. It calms the central nervous system and helps dispel nervousness that the person feels.

Carminative: You can use the East Himalayan Fir decoction to help you get control of your flatulence problem. Mix one teaspoon of the powder of the East Himalayan Fir leaves in boiling water. Have it twice a day to get the best results.

Astringent (mild): The mild astringent action of the Abies spectabilis is helpful for toning the facial skin. Mild facial lines will disappear. But, the deeper lines will not disappear.

Stomachic: Abies spectabilis can promote appetite and make one have a good digestion. This adds strength to the body and helps fight against infections. Have a glass of the infusion of East Himalayan Fir twice a day before meals. Use one teaspoon of the powder of the East Himalayan Fir in one glass of water. Heat it until it boils, then filter, and cool. Find how to improve digestion.

Tonic: You can improve your bodily health by having the Abies spectabilis often in the form of an infusion. This will help prevent the incidence of diseases and make you vigorous and healthy. Use the powder of the leaves of the Abies spectabilis to make dishes, it will spice them up and add health values.

Asthma: When a person has asthma, the airways remain congested and so the amount of air flowing into the lungs will be less. Abies spectabilis helps remove the congestion by loosening the mucus and removing them. You get better air flow into the lungs and this will alleviate the symptoms considerably. Find natural treatment for asthma.

Anorexia: This deals with the tendency of women to eat less to maintain their slim figure. They become thin, but they do not eat more and this becomes a habit. You can use the East Himalayan Fir to rectify the tendency and get your appetite back to its normal level.

Acid Reflux: By adding the infusion of Abies spectabilis to your daily diet, you can solve the problem of acid reflux. This occurs when the bile or stomach acid enters the oesophagus and causes irritation.

Take care of your health by eating healthy food. Adding Abies spectabilis will help you become healthier in a natural way.


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