Abelmoschus ficulneus medicinal uses, information and images

Abelmoschus ficulneus is a perennial shrub that grows up to 2-5 feet in height in tropical climes. This flowering plant is fibrous with a woody stem. The pink or white flowers are one inch in diameter. The plant thrives well with little or no care. It is 2-6 feet wide with leaves 5-8 cm in length and 4-7 cm wide. It is heart shaped near the base. Leaves are rough on the top and bottom and have 3-5 lobes and toothed. Flowers are 5-7 cm across. The plant germinates in spring and grows until autumn.

Abelmoschus ficulneus medicinal uses, benefits and images

Geographical places where Abelmoschus ficulneus plant grows

It grows natively in India, Pakistan, and Northern Australia.  It is also grown in Malaysia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

Common name

The common name of this plant is Native Rosella in English and Jungli Bhindi in Hindi. It also has the name White Wild Musk Mallow.

Botanical name or family

The botanical name of this plant is Abelmoschus ficulneus. It belongs to the Malvaceae family.

Abelmoschus ficulneus medicinal uses

The fruits, leaves, and roots are used for medicinal purposes. Leaves have beta-sitosterol and beta-D glucoside. Flowers have anthocyanins. Petals have beta-sitosterol, its glucoside, and the flavonoid myricetin. The seeds have an essential oil containing farnesol, palmitic acid, acetic acid, furfurol, lactose, and ambrettol acid. It has plenty of medicinal value as given below.

Febrifuge: You can decrease the fever in a person by using the decoction of the leaves of the plant.

Treating diarrhea: White wild musk mallow will help cure upset stomach and diarrhea. Use the leaves to prepare tea and have it in the morning.

Helps alleviate calcium deficiency: The Jungli Bhindi augments the calcium in the body. Use the leaves to prepare a paste that you can add to the dishes.

Treat scorpion bites: Native Rosella is useful of treating scorpion bites. Use the crushed roots on the site of the sting and have some juice made with the crushed root internally.

Stomachic: Native Rosella is very good for the stomach. It helps make the stomach strong and promotes the gastric action.

Good for fevers: Abelmoschus ficulneus has anti-pyretic action. It brings down fever fast. If you have a fever, you can use the decoction of the roots of the plant to prepare a tea. Drink one cup twice a day to get relief.

White Wild Musk Mallow fruits and flower

Treats jaundice: The Abelmoschus ficulneus helps the action of the liver. People with jaundice will recover quickly if they use the crushed roots twice a day with water taken orally. Jaundice will subside naturally within a few days.

Helps alleviate asthma: Use the Native Rosella leaves as a decoction (use the roots if you want something stronger) one cup daily in the morning. This will open the airways and help you get better control of asthma.

Treat cuts and bruises: Abelmoschus ficulneus is very good for the superficial cuts and bruises. This is due to the antibacterial property of the plant. It helps to heal and prevents the infection from spreading. Boil some leaves in water and use this to wash the cuts and bruises. Apply a paste of the leaves and seeds on the area of the injury, and you will soon recover.

Useful for insect bites: To get relief from itching, pain, and swelling of insect bites apply the paste of the seeds and roots of the Abelmoschus ficulneus on the site of the bite. Then, drink the decoction of the root, and you will soon be relieved of the pain and itching.

Soothe the nerves: Brain health, overall health, and memory boost all depend on the calmness of the nerves. When the nerves are calm and strong, they will help to give you a better quality of life. The decoction prepared from the roots of the Abelmoschus ficulneus help your nerves to become less excited. By calming them, it helps you overcome stress easily.

Aphrodisiac properties: For a better sexual life, you can have the paste prepared from the roots of the Abelmoschus ficulneus along with your diet. It will improve your sexual stamina and make you vigorous. Add exercise, healthy food, and good rest, and you will be terrific in bed.

Antispasmodic nature: The ability of the plant to ease the smooth muscle spasms helps people who have trouble with their bladder, intestine, or stomach. These organs have smooth muscles to help move food and related items. When they develop spasms, they do not function properly. The person develops irritable bowel syndrome or dysuria or frequent urination.

Health tonic: The tonic prepared from the roots of the plant is good for improving the health of the person. It makes him strong, and the metabolic activity becomes stabilized. It improves the functioning of the organs and adds to the infection fighting capabilities.

Treat disorders of the spleen: You may get an enlarged spleen due to problems with the lymph system, cirrhosis or some liver diseases, or blood diseases that are caused by abnormal cells. It can reduce your appetite. Having the decoction prepared from the roots of Abelmoschus ficulneus will help you overcome the symptoms of this disorder.

Cooling nature: The plant has a cooling nature and will help your body become calm. Drink the decoction of the leaves or the root, and you will feel the calmness spread throughout the body.

Cure for pectoral lesions: Soft tissue lesions are mostly uncommon though there are chances for the occurrence of post-traumatic lesions. You get relief for these tumors with the Will Musk Mallow medicinal preparations. Use 1 cup of the decoction of the root twice a day.

Good for varicose veins: The decoction of the root of the Native Rosella plant is useful for varicose veins. The veins will resolve itself over time.

Good heart tonic: The tonic prepared using the roots of the plant will help improve the heart health. It lowers the cholesterol and prevents the scaling in the arteries and blood vessels.

Laxative property: If you suffer from constipation, you can use the tea prepared from the leaves of the Abelmoschus ficulneus plant to get relief.

Antidote for snake bite: Seeds of the Abelmoschus ficulneus is used both orally and externally to treat snake bites. The seeds and crushed and applied on the site of the snake bite. The crushed seeds are mixed with milk and consumed internally. This will help relieve the symptoms of poisoning fast.

The seeds are cooling in nature. Consuming too much may cause low appetite.

There is no side effect of Abelmoschus ficulneus in normal doses. If you have excess, then you may experience dizziness and headache. 


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