26 superfoods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney

Eat well for a healthy life!! It sounds weird to hear, but it is true because your energy, health and your beauty depend on how and what you eat. Here, we will talk about superfoods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney.

You must have heard people say that do not eat it for obesity or eat it. But perhaps it would not have heard that what to eat to cleanse the body from inside and look beautiful.

26 super foods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney

Let’s have a look at nutritious food items and know what to eat in order to clean the body from within. In fact, many such fruits and vegetables are available. Keep in mind that we are only talking about delicious foods, so you will enjoy having them.

Due to air, water and noise pollution in the changing environments, many toxic substances in our body cause damage to the body, but by natural methods and diet we can remove these elements from the body and remain healthy and beautiful.

Usually, our body exits impurities with the help of kidneys. The kidneys cleanse the body by taking out toxic substances from our blood, which enter our body through our digestion system, skin, and breathing system.

But when your kidney is affected due to stress or excessive exposure to poisonous substances, the problem takes birth in every system of your body. The kidney produces bile which is a method of extracting poison from the body. It is necessary to separate the fat and proteins from the food.

26 superfoods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney

It has been found that the enzymes needed for the functioning of the body are born in the kidney & liver. The functioning of eyes, heart, brain, joints, and lungs depends on the true functioning of the liver and kidney. If the kidney is damaged or liver is not working well then the whole body will be affected.

Let’s know about the diet that makes you beautiful by cleaning or detoxifying your body inside.

1. Green Tea

Due to its antioxidant properties, green tea is a better alternative which increases the fluidity in the body and exits the toxic elements. The antioxidant called catenchins, which is found in it, removes free radicals from the compound body and increases the activity of the liver. This is one of the best super foods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney.

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2. Cabbage

This cheap vegetable containing sulfur compounds is a better option to eliminate harmful substances from the body and to eliminate vitamin C deficiency. This is one of the liver healthy foods.

3. Cauliflower

This vegetable containing phytochemicals is a good source of vitamin C and K which increases the activity of the liver and releases free radicals. That’s why it is one of the foods good for the liver. You can have raw Cauliflower or Cauliflower soup.

4. Ginger

It is a powerful anti-poison drug that enhances the process of detoxification in the body which helps to excrete toxin from the liver, colon etc. Have one cup of ginger tea every day with an empty stomach. This is one of the best super foods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney.

liver healthy foods

5. Beetroot (Artichokes)

It enhances the activity in the liver and helps in the production of enzymes, causing the toxic substances to come out of the body. Beetroot is very good to make new blood in your body.

6. Asparagus

It is a high anti-poisoning drug that protects the body from old age, heart disease, and cancer, and enhances liver function.

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7. Dandelions

The roots of dandelion help your kidney in its functioning by keeping healthy. This plant is known as wild grass among people, who make horticulture, but is has many properties to repair kidney and it also removes impurities from the body. For years, dandelion has been used to remove renal problems. It eliminates the body from toxic elements.

8. Olive oil (Olive Oil)

Olive oil can be combined with fruit juices to make an excellent cleansing agent. It is a great oil to increase the process of detoxification.

9. Turmeric

It is a good medicine to protect the body from harmful substances, it contains antioxidant and antiseptic properties which keep the body away from diseases in many ways. This is one of the best super foods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney.

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10. Lot of Water

Water is the most essential element for all parts of the body, by keeping the toxic substances out and keeping the body healthy. It keeps the body liquid. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is also helpful to cure constipation.

11. Almonds

This vitamin E, calcium, fiber, magnesium, and protein-rich dry fruit regulates the level of sugar in the body, cleansing toxic substances.

12. Oregano

There are a lot of beta-carotene and vitamin A, C and K (A, C and K) that protect the kidneys and bladder. This diuretic herb removes the problem of infection in the stomach and bladder in the kidney and also helps in cleaning the body by increasing the amount of urine.

13. Walnuts

Walnut is composed of amino acids called arginine, and the fruit removes harmful ammonia from the body and makes the liver strong.

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14. Beetroots

You can take Beetroots as salad or juice in any form. The natural compounds present in it make the lever stronger by purifying the blood.

15. Garlic

Due to its anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties, garlic is very similar to an essential drug for the body, which brings out the harmful parasites present in the body like bacteria, viruses in the intestine and blood.

16. Apples

It is a great source of fiber for the control of cholesterol and cleaning of the intestine, which exits toxic substances from the body.

foods good for the liver

17. Avocadoes

Avocado reduces cholesterol and cleans blood vessels, as well as removes harmful synthetic chemicals to the liver.

18. Blueberries

It is called natural painkiller, which removes swelling of the body and protects against urinary problems. Its anti-venom properties prevent your brain from harmful substances.

19. Cronberries

This removes the toxic virus from the way of urine and protects the body from bacteria.

20. Grape fruit

The antiviral compounds found in this protect against viruses and liver viruses. Add it to your breakfast daily.

21. Flaxseeds and Flaxseed Oil

It proves to be very beneficial in many actions of cleansing the body. These are rich in fatty acids, especially omega-3.

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22. Lemon / Lemon juice

By consuming it every morning, the body’s impurities are removed. There is a considerable amount of vitamin C (vitamin C) which helps in the formation of an element called glutathione. Glutathione purifies kidneys by avoiding harmful chemicals. This is one of the effective super foods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney.

23. Celery and Celery Seeds

There are many cancer-fighting ingredients in Celery that remove cancerous cells from the body. They also clean the blood. There are more than 20 anti-inflammatory substances in it. They also remove harmful substances present in cigarette smoke.

24. Legumes

It helps your body fight against cancer. Adding a handful of Legumes to your diet will make your food fiber-rich, which helps you reduce cholesterol, the amount of sugar in your blood is properly controlled and your intestine is also clean.

25. Watercress

Be sure to include the Watercress in your next sandwich. It increases the number of enzymes that remove the body’s impurities and works on the cancer cells of the body.

According to the research done at the Norwich Food Research Center in the United Kingdom, people who smoked took 170 grams of Watercress per day were proved successful in giving extra exposure to their urine to carry out excess carcinogens.

26. Seaweed

It is called Mineral’s ‘Power House’ which protects the body from the radioactive elements.


I hope we have covered all superfoods to naturally cleanse your liver & kidney. Choose wisely and be healthy.

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