10 Things to do everyday if you are a diabetes patient

Diabetes is a progressive, chronic illness that many people leave it until it is late. Taking steps early can help you keep the disease under control and let you lead a healthy, normal life.

10 Things that Diabetic People Should Do Daily

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that diabetes will become the seventh leading cause of death by 2030. Physical activity, diet, regular screening, and treatment can help you prevent complications. Here are 10 things to do everyday if you are a diabetes patient that will keep your complications away but first lets us see the complications.

Effect of Leaving Diabetes Untreated

  • Eye problems
  • Heart diseases
  • Infections
  • Dental problems
  • Neuropathy
  • Kidney disease

Diabetes has the potential to damage the heart, nerves, kidneys, eyes, and blood vessels. So, you must take proper treatment if you are diabetic. The most important thing is to check your big three – blood sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol – often.

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Signs of diabetes

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. This is insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes also called Type 1 diabetes. You cannot prevent or cure it at present.

The other kind of diabetes is the Type 2 diabetes. This is also called adult-onset diabetes. In this, the person is not able to use the insulin well. People with Type 1 diabetes should have insulin daily.

People with diabetes will show the following signs:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Constant hunger
  3. Fatigue
  4. Vision changes
  5. Thirst
  6. An excess passing of urine

There are other forms of diabetes such as gestational diabetes that occur only during pregnancy. Here are things that help if you have diabetes.

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10 Things that Diabetic People Should Do Daily

1. Make the right food choices

You can make a good beginning by choosing whole grain, fruit, low-fat dairy products, and lean meat. Forget the sugars and starches that make your body weaker.

Eat only the right amount (your doctor will tell you the amount – 1 cup of rice with two spoons of lentils (dal), ½ cup of vegetables, and 1 cup of low-fat yogurt). Be sure to measure the amount you eat because otherwise, you will begin to serve yourself bigger portions.

2. Eat meals at regular times

This is important because your body is dependent on the food for energy. It does not get this if you do not supply it at the right time. If you eat on time, your body will survive and make it to the next meal.

Yes, diabetics live from meal to meal. Remember to drink plenty of water. This is because the excess glucose in the blood that is not absorbed will have to go somewhere.

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3. Check the glucose level in your blood

Keep a lookout for the blood glucose level. It may fall to 75 in the morning or be as high as 250. By monitoring the blood glucose level, you are on the safe side. Take action the moment you see some abnormal reading. This is the best way for the diabetics to keep on the healthy side.

4. Take your medication

This is most important since your body is no longer making insulin or reacting to it. The medication helps you get the energy you need to get to the next meal. Consult your medic if you feel tired or fatigued at any time of the day. It may be a sign that your medication is not enough.

5. Check your feet for sores

Most of the diabetics have numbness in the feet. The loss of feeling will make them disregard any sore or cuts in the feet. Check to make sure there are no sores or cuts. If there are, then take the proper medication for the same. The best way to avoid sores is to wear protective socks or footwear. 

6. Exercise daily

You can get rid of a good amount of excess glucose in the blood through exercise. To burn your calories, you don’t need vigorous exercise. Instead, do slow rhythmic exercise as this will burn the same amount of energy. Be regular and this will help you get back in shape and stay fit. Your blood glucose will not cause many problems. 

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7. Screen for complications

The complications occur due to excess sugar in the blood. Check your urine and blood for kidney problems. Have a flu shot along with a tetanus shot and hepatitis B shot.

Do a dilated eye exam to check for eye problems. Check your teeth and gums through a dental examination. Have a complete foot exam. Do a cholesterol test. Do these at least once a year to be on the safe side.

8. Take baby aspirin

One of the ways all diabetics reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke is by taking the baby aspirin. Take only one 75 mg baby aspirin once a day especially if you are older than 40 years of age. Some people have bleeding stomach ulcer in which case, they must not have the aspirin. The aspirin remains recommended in all other cases. 

9. Keep your blood sugar on level

This means taking a snack when the blood sugar drops too low or taking medicines if it goes up too high. This is a balancing act and one of the things that the diabetics do that the normal person does not. This is vital and most people become accustomed to this juggling act. Drinking enough water helps to even out the highs and lows you experience during the day.

10. Get enough rest

Sleep is important. If you need medication before going to sleep, take it. Sleep in an airy place and make sure you get regular shut-eye for at least 6-7 hours. This will put you on the right side of a healthy life.

Taking small naps during the day is also an option. When you sleep, you use lesser energy than if you were awake. This puts a smaller burden of energy needs on your body. Lower demand means you need to eat lesser amounts.

Since there are no symptoms of diabetes, most people ignore it even when they know they are diabetic. Taking immediate steps and not letting up is important to stay healthy.



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