10 effective ways to help you quit smoking naturally

The decision to quit smoking is not an instantaneous one. Though one may quit due to an accident one suffers or due to an illness, very often the urge to ‘resume duty’ and begin smoking is strong as soon as one recovers. The main reasons for this pull towards self-destruction have many macho lifestyle triggers associated with it. Here are the usual methods one can use to quit smoking.

10 effective ways to help you quit smoking naturally

Direct interaction methods to quit smoking

Unless you address the problem, you are not going to see any result. It means, you don’t want to change and why to waste time thinking about it. So, if you are serious about quitting, you should put that question to yourself. Once you do that, you can choose one of the following methods to cut a new path towards personal freedom.

Nicotine replacement therapy

Often the inclination towards the cigarette is due to its addictiveness. This is the nicotine just as we have the caffeine in the coffee. Try avoiding it for a few days.

  1. Try chewing gum: Gum chewing is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes. There are many flavors and one can be assertive in the gum-chewing way. Just imagine, you can chew gum for as long as you want – can you smoke as long as you want?
  2. Take up a new hobby: This can be anything – a game, leisure time activities such as painting, bird watching, book reading – something that adds value to your time. You have to acknowledge the value you add to the time of course, else, you will not be able to keep the new hobby going.
  3. Use a health snack: Suppose you switch to a health snack and have some titbit every time you get the urge. This might make you put on some weight but on the positive side, you will be more energetic than usual. This lasts longer than the other methods but you have to acknowledge the progress you make. Then you might succeed in kicking the habit.

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Avoid triggers

Where does the urge come from in the first place? Is it the familiarity of the smoking joint? Or, just the smell of tobacco? Do you get the urge when you are happy? Or, do you get the urge when you are sad and disappointed?

  1. Clean up your home and office: Seriously clean the home and office of all the things that connect you to the smoking habit. If you do so, you will have taken the first step towards your personal freedom.
  2. Throw away your smoking kit matchbox lighter and all: This step is the first and most obvious step. Many of us throw everything away and then buy all the stuff back.
  3. Reduce the amount of coffee you drink: The coffee acts as a trigger for a good majority of the smokers. By reducing the amount of coffee, you reduce the addiction the body has. This will help you control your smoking habit.

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The thing is to use the time that you get by giving up smoking usefully. For this, you must keep your mouth and hands busy. During this delay time, you make new decisions – this is part of new healthy life style. When you want to smoke, put it off by 5 minutes. Very often, you see that after 5 minutes, you have forgotten that you need to smoke. It is a useful practice because the practice of allocating 5 minutes becomes a habit in itself. “Oh! I have not allocated those 5 minutes.”

Interactive decisiveness towards your goal

Don’t have just one

Very often, the excuse is that I am only having this one cigarette. When you do so, the willingness to fight is soon forgotten.

Get physical

  1. Start morning and evening exercise routines: That is it – just start it. Do not go any further. Just swing your arms about for two or three days. The sheer lethargy of doing nothing will inspire you to do more exercises.
  2. Get a stress ball: This is for the restless kind of people who just have too much nervous energy. Working out with an exercise ball or stress ball will keep the excess energy under control.

Distancing methods to quit smoking

Practice relaxation and meditation

This involves getting up in the morning and concentrating on some specific subject. Morning your mind is clear and there are no distracting sounds. When you meditate on some object, it helps you develop a perspective about the object. This clears your mind of immediate desires and helps you set new priorities.

Get online support

Go online and seek out the self-help communities. Converse with them and raise your questions. You will see the interaction helps because they are people who have the same problems that you face.

Keep reminding yourself of the benefits

The idea of a reward is the most powerful motivation for doing anything. Often, we lose sight of the goal if we do not motivate ourselves. Think clean air, better stamina, greater energy, and more involvement with life.

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Live for the moment

Drink water

We live on a planet filled with water. Our bodies are 60—70% water. We need water for our metabolic activity. When we do not have enough water, we become depressed. This will create an urge to smoke. When we substitute the smoke with the clean water, we develop an inspiration to live life fully. It is worth a try anyway you look at it.

Practice deep breathing

We often act impulsively. To overcome this, try to take two or three deep breaths when you are seriously stressed out. This is the time when you reach inside the pocket for the next cigarette. Well, a couple of deep breaths never hurt anyone. And you might even feel better!

Remember where you started from? You were healthy and did not smoke at all! That was the healthy you – an achievement that is just becoming you. The final decisiveness that helps to put the brakes on the habit comes from watching another person suffer due to the addiction. Though this is sad, one must occasionally go and watch how others suffer as this will serve as the strongest reminder of your decision to quit smoking.



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